It is the responsibility of all individuals utilizing the range to adhere to our Club policies governing its use. It’s essential to keep in mind the primary rules when present at the club and engaged in shooting. The following reminders encompass, but are not restricted to, the subsequent guidelines:

  • Prior to engaging in any activity at the club, all members, associates, and visitors are required to SIGN IN using the FOB.
  • All members and associates must familiarize themselves with the Club’s “Main Range Safety Policy.”
  • In the beginners’ area, no one should shoot beyond 20 meters from the butts unless under the supervision of a coach or committee member.
  • Visitors planning to use our range for shooting should communicate with the Secretary in advance, providing details such as the intended visit date and time. Additionally, they must be financial members of an Archery Australia (AA), 3DAAA, or ABA affiliated club.
  • Affiliated Visitors from other clubs must introduce themselves to a club member, sign in, and produce the permission upon request.
  • Members are not allowed to bring guest archers to shoot at the range unless written permission is obtained from the committee, and the guest is affiliated with another AA, 3DAAA, or ABA club in Australia.
  • Compound bows utilized at the club should not exceed a peak draw weight of 60#. Periodic checks will be conducted to verify compliance with this rule.


We request all our members to dress appropriately while on the range. Athletes shall be neatly and cleanly dressed.

  • Shoes or boots are mandatory and should be always worn.
  • They should cover the entire foot.
  • Sandals, crocs or thongs are not permitted.