Conditions of Membership

Northern Archers of Sydney Inc. Membership Conditions

Membership Prerequisites:

  1. Novice Archer: Enroll and successfully complete the Beginners Course at Northern Archers under the guidance of our Coach. Pass the assessment at the end of the course.
  2. Back Yard Archer: If you believe you possess the skills, competency, and the right attitude for range shooting, contact us for a Full Assessment by a Northern Archers Coach or Committee Member. This assessment is mandatory before membership and incurs a $50 fee payable on the assessment day.
  3. Member of AA, 3DAAA, and ABA: Archery Australia members can request a transfer to our club. ABA and 3DAAA members can apply for membership by submitting details to our secretary via email.

Failure to comply with the above prerequisites will result in membership rejection by the club.

Full Club Membership Application
New individuals applying for Full Club Membership must:

  1. Familiarize themselves with and adhere to safety policies listed on the website.
  2. Carry their current Archery Australia membership card at all times.
  3. Retain proof of payment made through the AA website until receiving the AA card (e.g., club receipt, bank statement).

Associate Membership Application

  1. In order to join our club as an associate member, you need to be a current full financial member at another Archery Australia credited club.
  2. Any prospective Associate Members must contact the Secretary via email before signing up.

Shooting Distance Qualifications:

  • All members are encouraged to sign up for the club leagues.
  • This will help members increase shooting distance by 10 meters, starting at 20 meters, upon achieving qualifying distances.
  • This progression ensures members reach a safe level of competency, minimizing risk to others.

For any inquiries, please email the Secretary