Northern Archers is governed by Archery Australia’s’ (AA) National Policy no 1003 Sept 2015 and Archery New South Wales Member Protection Framework.

Aim: to uphold core values and create a safe, fair and inclusive environment for everyone associated with our sport.

It sets out AA’s commitment to ensure that every person bound by the policy is treated with respect and dignity and protected from discrimination, harassment, and abuse.
It also seeks to ensure that everyone involved in our sport is aware of their key legal and ethical rights and responsibilities, as well as the standards of behaviour expected of them.

It also sets out the practical steps we will take to eliminate discrimination, harassment, child abuse and other forms of inappropriate behaviour from our sport.
As part of this commitment, the policy allows Archery Australia Inc to take disciplinary 
action against any person or organisation bound by this policy if they breach the policy.

This policy has been endorsed by Archery Australia Board and has been designed to comply with the Archery Australia Constitution, Policies and Procedures, Shooting Rules and by-laws.
The policy starts on 1st September 2015 and will operate until replaced.