Northern Archers, like most clubs, is run by a Committee of Management (CoM) which anyone can be apart of. We meet 4-6 times a year. The members also are asked to attend Ordinary General Meetings held 3-4 times a year.

These meeting dates will be published on the Club calendar at the start of each year and usually held after a club league round.

All members are welcome to attend OGM’s, so we encourage you to come along and participate in the decision-making process that drives your club. If you have an issue that you think warrants discussion at a CoM meeting please email the Club Secretary for advice.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) that elects the Committee each year is held in July. Here is your chance to nominate for any position on the Committee if you would like to seek a role in helping to run the Club.

Amateur Clubs don’t run by themselves and only prosper with the enthusiasm and commitment of the management team with the support of its membership base. Members need the CoM to administer the day to day running of the Club but equally, the CoM needs its members to step up and assist with calendared events. These range from Working Bees to intra and interclub Tournaments.

Help us build a community of Archers that work together for the common good of the Club and its members.

Northern Committee