Non Members

Dear Patrons,

For non-members seeking access to our range, a formal request must be submitted to our Club Secretary at Approval is contingent upon active membership in a club registered with either Archery Australia or 3DAAA. In your email, kindly provide the following details:

  • Full Name
  • AA/3DAAA/ABA Membership Number
  • Details of Current Club and Contact Personnel
  • Contact Number and Email
  • Bow Type and Draw Weight
  • Reason for utilizing the Northern Archers Range

Upon written approval, a copy of the email confirmation must be carried at all times. Should any Northern Archers Member request verification, please promptly present the approval documentation. You may be requested to have your draw weight checked at the range prior to shooting. Bows over 60# will not be allowed. No Broad heads can be shot at the range! If found shooting a Heavy bow or Broad heads, you will be fined $300 on the spot.

Your adherence to this process is greatly appreciated.


Club Secretary