Northern Archers of Sydney Inc. is dedicated to fostering a safe and enjoyable environment for all club archers and the general public participating in archery events and activities. This Management Plan and Range Shooting Policy serve to outline our commitment to risk management and safety measures to ensure the well-being of all involved.

Duty of Care: Northern Archers of Sydney Inc., its club officials, and members uphold a duty of care to participants and spectators in archery events and activities. This involves taking reasonable steps to minimize foreseeable risks of harm or injury.

1. Reduce incidents of injury to range users, participants, officials, spectators, and other individuals associated with archery activities.
2. Provide a fun, healthy, and safe sporting environment for individuals to enjoy the sport of archery.
3. Minimize potential club liability resulting from poorly managed range usage during the mentioned activities.

Risk Management Strategies
– Identification of Risks: We will systematically identify potential risks associated with casual/social shooting, practice sessions, and conducting archery competitions and activities.
– Mitigation Measures: Adopting strategies and actions designed to minimize identified risks wherever possible.
– Training and Education: Providing comprehensive training and education to members on safety protocols and procedures.
– Supervision: Ensuring adequate supervision during all archery activities to monitor and address safety concerns promptly.
– Equipment Maintenance: Regular inspection and maintenance of equipment to ensure it meets safety standards.
– Emergency Response Plan: Developing and implementing an emergency response plan to address accidents or injuries effectively.
– Compliance: Adhering to relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines related to archery safety.

Reporting Unsafe Activities: Any activity that appears unsafe or contrary to Northern Archers’ safety plans should be reported promptly to the Secretary via email ( Confidentiality will be maintained upon request for all communications regarding safety concerns.

By adhering to this Management Plan and Range Shooting Policy, Northern Archers of Sydney Inc. aims to provide a safer sporting environment and experience for all club archers and the general public. We urge all members to familiarize themselves with these documents and actively contribute to upholding our commitment to safety.

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