Northern Archers Representatives at Events and Tournaments.
It is imperative that members representing Northern Archers at events and tournaments adhere to the designated club colors. The uniformity in attire contributes to a professional and cohesive image for the team.

Sponsorship Considerations
If you are an archer sponsored by an external entity and would like to wear your sponsor’s uniform, we kindly request that you inform the Secretary before the scheduled tournament or event. This ensures proper coordination and allows us to maintain the overall aesthetic and representation of the Northern Archers.

Club Affiliation and Uniform Selection
Should you choose to wear a uniform or T-shirt from another archery club, it is essential that you do not register under the Northern Banner for that particular event. This rule is in place to uphold the integrity of our club’s representation and avoid any potential confusion.

Your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines is greatly appreciated, and it contributes to the overall success and positive image of Northern Archers at various competitions. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the Secretary. Thank you for your commitment to maintaining the standards of our club.