We are a Non-Profit Organisation, run by a committee of volunteers who have practiced archery at International, National and State level. Committee members are available at the range on weekends. We are a FITA Club and practice Target, Field and Clout archery. We occasionally shoot 3D coupled with a Field shoot. The range is open 365 days to members from Sunrise to Sunset. Leagues are run every weekend, as well on 2nd and 4th Thursdays. It’s open to our club members, associate members and visitors from other clubs. League winners are presented Cash Prizes plus a Gift Voucher from our main sponsor Abbey Archery.

Northern Archers also offer coaching classes in Recurve and Compound style archery. If your keen to learn the sport or are a practicing archer, and would like to sign up with one of the largest FITA clubs in Australia, get in touch. 

While at the Range

It is the responsibility of everyone using the range to follow our Club policies with regard to the use of the range. These reminders below include, but are not limited to the following;

  1. All members, associates and visitors MUST sign-in before undertaking ANY activity at the club.

  2. All members and associates MUST be aware of the Clubs "Main Range Safety Policy".

  3. No one should shoot further than 20m from the butts in the beginner's area, unless supervised by the coach or comitte member.

  4. All Visitors (affiliated with other clubs) must make themselves known to a club member before signing in. 

  5. Visitors intending to visit our range to shoot should email the Secretary at "northernarchersofsyd@gmail.com" before hand with details of their intended visit, and must be financial members of an Archery Australia affiliated club.

  6. Members cannot bring guest archers to shoot at the range, uless the guest is affiliated to another AA club.

Register here for Club Leagues & Archers Diary

With the relaxation of COVID 19 restrictions, the club house and range are open again.
This is in conjunction with the rules put in place by the Federal and State Government. We have remained closed for a few extra weeks to ensure that the most dangerous wave of the virus has been controlled. With the opening of the club, we will require all members to follow the guidelines outlined below. Just remember the main rules when at the club & shooting:

  • Only one (1) Archer per target and Maintain your distance (1.5m).

  • Don’t touch anyone else’s stuff.

  • Wash your hands & spray whatever you touch.

  • Take your target face home for further use.

  • Be considerate of every other member & do not risk their health, no matter what you think about the current situation.


Each and every member is responsible for their own conduct at the range. Socializing is fine but please maintain your social distancing.

Club leagues have begun for members who are fully vaccinated only. 

As a general guide (but not a rule) we suggest that Tuesday & Thursday become Older Members Days. This allows members of the higher risk category (Over 50) to attend the range with a lower chance of Infection. Of course, Over 50’s can attend any day of the week but if you are worried about contracting the virus, these are the days to attend.

See you all at the range and Please respect each other’s safety. 

Dress Code

We request all our members to dress appropriately while on the range.

  1. Athletes shall be neatly and cleanly dressed.

  2. Shoes or boots are mandatory and should be always worn.

    1. They should cover the entire foot.

    2. Sandals, crocs or thongs are not permitted.


Non-Members of Northern Archers

If a Non-Member wishes to use our range, they MUST send our Club Secretary a mail requesting permission to shoot. You should hold active membership of a club registered to Archery Australia or 3DAAA, in order to do so. You will not be permitted to use the range, till you have this request approved. 

Please mail to: northernarchersofsyd@gmail.com

The mail should clearly state the following details:

1. Full Name
2. AA / 3DAAA Membership Number
3. Details of Current Club
4. Contact Number
5. Bow Type
6: Reason to use the Range at Northern Archers. 

Once approved in writing, a copy of the mail MUST be carried at all times. Upon request, it should be presented to ANY Northern Archers Member. 

Thank you. 
Club Secretary