Beginners Courses

If you are interested in learning archery, we hold beginners' courses. For those who wish to learn a more advanced form of archery, our Coaching Director, would be happy to provide special coaching sessions. Please send us an email at 

Course Format: Private lessons (1-2 persons, or up to 4 family members), 4 sessions (4 weeks), 1 hour each session.
Minimum Age: 9 years old.
Minimum Height: 140cms
Course Fees: Adult $250, Junior: $200.
Instructor: Liam Lim (Coaching Director, Northern Archers of Sydney)
Equipment: Bow and Arrows are provided.

NOTE: Finger Tab is no longer provided. Please bring your own or you may purchase one at the session. 

Archers Information: If you wish to book your beginner course, please advise the participant's information so we can prepare your session in advance (target allocation, equipment, etc).

  1. Full name

  2. Contact Number and Email (guardian’s if the participants are minor)

  3. Female / Male

  4. Age

  5. Right / Left handed

  6. Height (cm)

The archer’s details help us to find the best session time, group and target position, and also allow us to prepare the correct equipment in advance.