Beginners Courses

If you are interested in learning archery, we hold beginners' courses. For those who wish to learn a more advanced form of archery, our Coaching Director, would be happy to provide special coaching sessions. Please send us an email at

Course Format: Private lessons (1-2 persons), 4 sessions (4 weeks), 1 hour each session.
Minimum Age:8 years old.
Equipment: Bow and arrows are provided. 

Please Note:
Finger Tabs are no longer provided, so please bring your own or shoot without them. If required, they can be purchased at the session for $30.

Intermediate Level

To take your archery skills to the next level you can look at this in any number of ways.

  • Self-education through reading, experimentation and lots of practice.

  • The above plus interaction on a more casual level with a senior archer or coach or mentor appointed by the Club.

  • More formal coaching by engaging with qualified Archery coaches more regularly. Some coaches volunteer their time, others run coaching sessions that may have a fee involved.

Northern Archers runs a bimonthly handicapped league competition. You should be competing in this to get introduced to competition experience and conditions. These include scoring correctly, standing on a shooting line with many other archers, range protocol in terms of use of timing clocks and/or whistles to control events, and general archery etiquette.

Archery NSW runs development squads at both junior and senior level. If your skills are developing to the extent that you feel competitive tournament archery is what you wish to do then consider attending these prearranged days. They are listed both on the Archery New South Wales calendar and the Northern Archers calendar.

Intermediate to Advanced Level

Combined with option 3 above, you should be competing in the Northern Archers handicap league and outside events at other clubs. Most clubs host other events but look at attending Archery Australia, and Archery New South Wales events to see where you fit within your bow type and age division. Many club members do this on a regular basis, completing in Target, Field and Clout archery events in every bow style there is; Compound, recurve and traditional bows.

  • The highest level archers are practising every day, working on their fitness and strength perhaps shooting a 1000 arrows a week, usually under the supervision of a coach.

This guide is not comprehensive but meant to give you some insight into where you might need to start if you wish to advance your participation in Archery as a sport. On the links, page are a series of books you may like to investigate and websites for you to peruse. Youtube can be a great coach but choose wisely.