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Club Leagues


2022 - Autumn League Calendar

  • For beginners, seasoned archers, juniors and seniors alike; the Club conducts two progressive competitions per year where all members have the chance to compete in a relaxed club atmosphere and on a level footing.
  • It's a handicap event so everyone has the chance of winning - in fact the novice archer has a greater chance of taking out the individual shoots well because, arguably, the rating system is weighted in their favour.
  • To obtain your shooting handicap you need to score five different rounds under controlled shooting conditions. Once these scores are submitted, the Club Recorder will issue you a shooting handicap and you can then compete in the league competition.
  • Note that there is no general shooting on the main range during league events although archers are welcome to join in and shoot on the controlled line alongside.
  • The practice area is open during league shoots as long as it doesn't interfere with longer distance rounds.
  • Participating in Club Leagues, gears you up for state and national tournaments. The club leagues are shot to help archers experience rules and regulations of actual tournaments outside of the club. 
  • During Club Leagues the main range will remain closed until the day's league is complete. Beginners' courses and coaching will commence on the league has finished.

Northern Archers Club Leagues


The Northern Archers Leagues are run on every weekend, as well on 2nd and 4th Thursdays. The Weekday leagues are run of under the same conditions as our weekend league competition. It is open to club members, full and associate and visitors. All Club Leagues require a $2.00 gold coin entry on the day from Northern Members. 


  • Open to all Club members irrespective of ability

  • Handicaps applied when established

  • Saturdays and Sundays, AM rounds only

  • 2 Comps per year, comprising 12 rounds each.

  • Prize money for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places

NORTHERN ARCHERS MIDWEEK HANDICAP LEAGUES (for those with more time on their hands)

  • Open to all Club members and visitors

  • Handicaps applied when established

  • Evert 2nd Thursday mornings

  • 2 Comps per year

  • Prize money for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places


  • Open to all Club members

  • No handicaps

  • Dates per Northern Archers Shoot Calendar

  • Individual and Team Awards

We follow the guidelines set down by the National League System.

Finishing results will be based on an archer’s raw score plus their handicap allowance. There will no longer be count backs for archers shooting 3 over their handicaps. Any archers finishing on the same adjusted scores will be separated firstly by 10s then by X’s followed by 9s. This system will favour the improving archer over the seasoned archer

To gain a handicap, new archers are required to shoot 5-league rounds & have a minimum 3rd class classification before receiving points. If after 5 league rounds the new archer still hasn’t achieved 3rd class status, they must continue to compete for no points until the minimum status has been achieved. The league rules posted in the clubhouse have a table of 3rd class classifications according to bow type/age & division.

Northern Archers Club Records

Click Here for the Past and Current Records. 


Club League Tables

Here's the list of the current League Tables Standings. These will be updated as the leagues progress. A copy of these can be found on the notice board. 

NA SUMMER A League 2022

NA SUMMER B League 2022

NA Thursday Leagues 2022

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