Frequently Asked Questions

Membership and Club

The club is open 7 days a week to financial full and associate members.

If you have never done archery before we recommend you attend a "Come & Try" session first. Then if your keen to continue, enrol in Beginners lessons so that you learn all about safety, equipment, how to shoot, how to score.

What do I do after I have completed my "Beginners Course"?
Upon completion of your 4-week course you are entitled to visit the club for a month (4 weekends) after qualifying where you can use club equipment to continue your experience. After the 8th visit you must decide whether to "join" the club as a member. Use of beginner’s equipment is subject to availability due to scheduled Classes and Come and Try events.

What does membership do for me?
Full financial members are entitled to use the range 365 days a year. After being a member for 12 months you can apply for key to access the storage containers that contain target faces and shooting flag. It also gives you membership to our national governing body, "Archery Australia" (AA), and State governing body, "Archery New South Wales" (ANSW). This also provides you with access to insurance coverage to shoot at any club in Australia and allows you to shoot in archery tournaments Australia wide. You will be provided with an Archery Australia membership card containing your membership number. You must always carry this with you when shooting at an archery club. This is to prove you are a financial member. You can be asked to produce this card by any club committee member.

How do I join Northern Archers?
Email the club secretary first at "" to discuss membership conditions etc. If you have completed your beginners’ course at Northern and qualified, please go to the website and click on the membership page.

How do I renew my membership
Click on "Existing Members Renew" button to go straight to Archery Australia online payment system

How do I enter a club league on Archers Diary
Please use Archers Diary to register online for club shoots.

Steps for registering for Events through Archers Diary
1) Go to and find the link to Archers Diary lower down the page and Click or Go to
2) Click on "Event Registration"
3) In the "Select a Club" dialogue box make sure Australia, ArcheryNSW, and Northern Archers are selected.
4) Any events that are open to online registration will be shown.
5) Click on the Event you are interested in entering and fill in all details
6) Finally click "Add Archer" to complete the process and you’re done.


Shooting Gear and Rules

What Kind of Bow, Arrows an Gear do I use?
Members can only shoot with certified shooting gear. This means the gear has to be manufactured by an Archery Company/Brand or by a reputed Bowyer. Your equipment can inspected by members at the range, and if not found suitable, you will be asked to stop shooting.

Homemade Bows and arrows are not permitted to be used on the range.

What is the Dress Code?
Athletes shall be neatly and cleanly dressed in casual attire. Many archers wear lightweight, long-sleeve shirts to avoid sunburn. A hat to protect your head, glasses to prevent glare, and shoes to keep you comfortable while standing a long time are good ideas, too.

Your bow, arrows, chest guard and other accessories offer plenty of ways to look stylish in competition. Even items – like the bucket hats many archers favour – designed for warmth or sun protection can add flair to your competition clothing.

Shoes or boots shall be always worn, and these shall cover the entire foot. Barefoot, sandals or thongs are not permitted on the range.


Other Information

Am I a right- or left-handed archer?
This mostly depends on your eye dominance. To test simply hold out either arm and form a circle with your thumb and index finger. Look through this circle at an object not too far away and slowly bring the circle towards your face while you keep focussing on the object in the circle. When this circle touches your face, it will be up to your dominant eye.

If your dominant eye is on the right, then you will be right handed archer; meaning you pull the string back with the right hand and hold the bow with the left. This is because your dominant eye should be in line with the string, arrow, and sight if there is one on the bow. Left eye dominant archers will pull the string back with the left hand and hold the bow with the right.

This is the general rule; however some archers will choose to shoot the other way because it suits their body.

What is draw length?
Draw length is the distance from the throat of the bow handle to the string at full draw. This will be different for each archer due to the length of their arms and size of their chest. Draw length will determine the length of your arrows.

What is draw weight?
Draw weight (sometimes known as ‘poundage’) is the force needed to pull the bowstring to a certain draw length (usually full draw). The industry has a standard for comparison purposes which is measured in pounds at 28 inches, therefore, if a bow is rated at 30lbs draw weight, your fingers will be holding the equivalent of 30lbs of weight at 28? draw. If your draw length is longer than 28? you will increase the poundage on the same bow, if your draw length is less than 28? you will decrease the poundage. ‘Heavier’ bows offer faster arrow speed, but will tire the archer more quickly, affecting ‘form’ and accuracy.

What is form?
Form refers to the stance of an archer when they shoot. In simple terms, the ideal ‘form’ is to stand up straight, perpendicular to the target with an outstretched but slightly flexed bow arm and a horizontal and flexed bowstring arm. An archer at full draw will resemble the letter ‘T’. The trick is consistency as variations, particularly when the archer is tired, will cause inaccuracy.