Our Archery Range

The Club is situated on the edge of Lane Cove National Park and offers a peaceful and not so windy place to conduct the sport of Archery. We offer 16 permanent foam target butts capable of up to 90 metres shooting distance, a separate beginners and practice area, and a double clout pitch allowing a maximum shooting distance of 180 metres. And a field /3D course consisting of 24 targets.

Target and Clout archery are practised at the club, though many of us shoot all the disciplines of archery that also include field archery and 3D archery. Target archery is what you will see being shot a the Olympics.

Bow styles include recurve, compound and traditional. You will even find the odd member practising Kyudo (Japanese style of archery).

Club Documentation

CURRENT CLUB BY-LAWS: “CLICK HERE” to access the Regulations (By-Laws). This document introduced July 2018

CLUB INFORMATION BOOKLET: Northern Archers Club Information Booklet Jan 2016 v1.3


  1. Risk Management Plan.

  2. Main Range Safety Policy.

  3. Bushfire Management Plan 1 - Leave early

  4. Bushfire Management Plan 1 - Stay and defend.

Northern Archers of Sydney