We welcome experienced archers who can handle archery equipment, shot previously or with other clubs in the past such that they are safe independent shooters. We will require you to come down for an assessment shoot with all of your gear (bow, arrows, plus anything else you normally shoot with) during a regular session. Once you are assessed by an experienced member or a coach as safe to shoot, the club secretary or other officer can send you the information to join. We charge $50 per head for an assessment, directly payable to our coaches. 

In order to organise an assessment, please contact the Club Secretary on; 

In your mail, please include:

1. Full Name & Age
2. The bow type you shoot
3. Shooting Experience

Beginners Class Information

Northern Archers conducts regular beginners’ classes for both adults and juniors. Junior students younger than the age of 10 may be accepted based on the Instructor's assessment of their individual capabilities for archery. Classes are run approximately monthly but depend on other events at the club. Generally, the sessions are booked at the same time slot on the same day for the entirety of the course. To register for a course, email the Secretary at

Costs: Adults $245.00, Juniors $200.00

  • Students are asked to arrive 30 minutes early on their first day for an eye dominance assessment, be matched to equipment, and learn how to string their bow. IT IS CRITICAL THAT STUDENTS ATTEND THE FIRST CLASS FOR THESE REASONS. If you have to miss a class after that, please speak to your coach. All other lessons, students are asked to arrive 15 minutes early to get their equipment ready before the lesson begins.

  • Combined Adult and Junior classes are conducted by qualified Archery Australia instructors over 4-weekend sessions each of 2 hours. The course fee includes the use of all equipment and generally a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 8 participants is required for the course to proceed.

  • For any subsequent visits, beginner members MUST JOIN THE CLUB AS FULL FINANCIAL MEMBERS, with their own equipment. 

  • Club equipment cannot be taken home. It must be returned to the club house or the coach once you've finished at the range. 

  • Beginners (new members) can only shoot at a maximum distance of 20 meters as this is the limit of your experience and this reduces unnecessary damage to the club equipment.

  • Junior archers using their additional visits under the age of 16 must be supervised by a parent or a suitably experienced person aged 18 years or older. The club does not operate a babysitting service. Parents are responsible for their underage children at all times on the range unless under the instruction of a Club coach.

At the conclusion of the four-week course, participants will be required to shoot a qualifying round of 72 arrows at 20 meters (or 10 meters for younger archers) for a minimum score of 360 points (out of a possible 720 points). For participants that can adequately do this, they will receive a completion certificate. Those participants that struggle to do this will receive a participation certificate to acknowledge the level of instruction they have received. They may use one of the extra visits to shoot a qualifying score however the qualification needs to be a supervised shoot and will require coach supervision being present during the shooting period. Please consult with your coach.

Come & Try Archery

All Come and Try Events Cancelled Until Further Notice

The Come and Try program is an entry-level event, conducted at the Club every month. These are done in the form of a simplified lesson plan catering for people of any age, gender and ability/disability.  Sessions commence at 8.30 am and finishes by noon. This serves as a good introduction to the sport of Archery. Limited to 28 people only.