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Please check your age class before signing up for new membership.

  1. Full Member (Senior, Junior, Family): Primary Member of Northern Archers of Sydney Inc

  2. Visitor or Archery Alliance Member: attending with or invited by a full member can attend a maximum of 4 times a year.

  3. Associate Member: a Primary (Current and Financial) Member of another AA affiliated club. Associates are responsible for understanding the Clubs safety policies available on this website.

Family discounts apply for multiple family members, conditions apply. For advice on our membership, please contact our Secretary at

Membership - Age Classification

Age Classes

Cub: Under 14
Intermediate: Under 16
Cadet: Under 18
20 and Under: Under 21
Master: 50+
Veteran: 60+
Veteran Plus: 70+



Cubs can shoot as Cub, Intermediate, Cadet, 20 and Under (Junior) or Open
Intermediates can shoot as Intermediate, Cadet, 20 and Under (Junior) or Open
Cadets can shoot as Cadet, 20 and Under (Junior) or Open
20 and Under can shoot as 20 and Under (Junior) or Open
Master can shoot as Master or Open
Veterans can shoot as Veteran, Master or Open
Veteran Plus can shoot as Veteran Plus, Veteran, Master or Open


Conditions of Membership

Conditions of Membership - All Membership Levels

  • New Individuals, applying for an Associate Membership at Northern Archers of Sydney Inc., Pennant Hills Park, Archery Range must contact the Secretary by email, before signing up. The Secretary is available on

  • New Individuals applying for Full Club Membership, at Northern Archers of Sydney Inc., Pennant Hills Park, Archery Range must be familiar with and abide by the safety policies listed below. All members must carry their current Archery Australia membership card with them at all times. In the event that the membership payment has been made through the AA webiste; proof of such payment should be kept with you until you receive your AA card. i.e. Club receipt, bank statement/receipt etc.

  • Completion of a Beginners Course or a Full Assessment conducted by  a Northern Archers Coach, is a prerequisite for membership. If you haven't successfully completed either of these at Northern, your membership application will be declined. 

Shooting Distance Qualifications

  • One of our conditions for new membership is that you must either have completed our beginner's course or be able to demonstrate an acceptable standard of proficiency, through an assessment. The club rules allow new members to increase their shooting distance by 10 metres each time a qualifying distance is achieved starting at 20 metres. This ensures that you are achieving a level of competency, that does not put other members at risk. More information can be found in the booklet link below.

Active Kids

Northern Archers of Sydney is an ActiveKids Provider.

  • Membership fees will need to be paid in full before ActiveKids voucher can be processed.
  • Email the ActiveKids Voucher including voucher number, child's name as it appears on the vouchers and their date of birth to the club secretary:
  • Please provide your bank details so the club can reimburse you.
  • Once the club receives payment from ActiveKids (approx 4-6 weeks). The club will reimburse you the amount paid by ActiveKids.

Please Note:

  • All ActiveKids Vouchers expire at the end of the calendar year they are issued in.
  • Once the ActiveKids Vouchers has been redeemed they cannot be used again.
  • If the ActiveKids Vouchers is rejected no payment will be made by the club.

Vouchers are redeemable only under individual memberships and not under family/group memberships.